a song for global tolerance







There’s a cloud on the horizon, there’s a star up in the sky
I believe in answers to every question why
If love and understanding find the light of day
When the rains come pouring down the truth can’t be washed away
The time has come – The time has come – For all the world to see
The time has come, for everyone – The time has come for peace
I can’t speak your tongue, and you don’t know my name
But the light in our eyes is shining just the same
With doubt still in our minds, and hope still in our hearts
One friendship at a time, now that’s a place to start
The time has come – The time has come – For all the world to see
The time has come, for everyone – The time has come for peace
If not now, then when? This day won’t come again
If not me, then who? I reach out my hand to you
The time has come – The time has come – For all the world to see
The time has come, for everyone – The time has come for peace

Words and Music by Deb Chamberlin / Robert Wynn
Produced & Arranged by Robert Wynn
Violins – Caryn Lin
Rhodes Piano – John Ferenzik
Drums / Percussion / Bass / Sampled Strings – Robert Wynn
Graphics Design – Melody Gardot
who contributed their time and talents

Phil Roy –
Jim Boggia –
Lauren Hart –
Mutlu –
Caryn Lin –
Chinua Hawk –
John Francis –
Melody Gardot –

Deb Chamberlin –
John Ferenzik –
Robert Wynn –
Members of THE COW PROJECT –

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The Time Has Come was written to be
Performed by Israeli and American teens
during the U.S. tour of Peace Child Israel
in Jan. 2006. Received with enthusiastic
support, the project quickly grew to become
an anthem for global tolerance, with many
of Philadelphia’s favorite recording artists
contributing their voices and musicianship
to make this beautiful recording. Calling
out from the City of Brotherly (and Sisterly)
Love, the time has come – for all the world
to see…the time has come for peace.

Peace Child Israel was co-founded in 1988 by David Gordon and Yael Drouyannoff to teach coexistence using theater and the arts. Educating for democratic values, tolerance and mutual respect, Arab and Jewish teens work with counterparts from around the country, in 20 weekly workshops during the school year, and then create original dramas about coexistence. The plays, in Arabic and Hebrew, are performed for family, friends and the public at-large. These courageous young leaders are role models in their communities, with their message of tolerance reaching thousands of school students each year throughout Israel.

During a 10-day U.S. tour in Jan. 2006, the Jaffa/Tel Aviv delegation of Peace Child Israel is participating in cultural identity workshops and performances with diverse groups of American teens…culminating in a grand finale event where American and Israeli teens stand together in our National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, singing THE TIME HAS COME - in a powerful call for global tolerance and partnership for peace.

Proceeds from sales of this CD and from song downloads will benefit the ongoing work of PEACE CHILD ISRAEL and global tolerance. To further support the work of Peace Child Israel, please visit or send tax-deductible contributions ($25 minimum), made payable to - P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds, Inc. - clearly marked “donor advised – Peace Child Israel” - and mail to 317 Madison Avenue, Suite 607, NY, NY 10017 USA or visit
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